JEFF the Brotherhood 12″ single on sale soon

I am working on getting the store updated and having these ready to sale. All the covers were applied by me so a few might be slightly off. The labels are hand stamped and some might not be perfect. I put a lot into making this a kick ass release and I hope the ones lucky enough to score a copy enjoy it. Only 175 copies made so you better be fast


J.BURD : In My Head / The Crow

Shed House Records brings you “In My Head + The Crow” the debut single from Long Beach’s J. Burd.

Side A captures the frantic live favorite “In My Head” in all its scuzzy fuzzy glory. Side B’s “The Crow” sees all reverb knobs stuck at 10, with that unmistakable weirdness that can only come from too many late night bedroom recordings.

This single is a perfect portal into J. Burd’s self-recorded & home brewed world.

One time pressing
250 copies random color
50 copies black
25 splatter

j burd reords